Release: Friday, September 13, 1985
Company: Paramount Pictures
Length: 92 minutes
Tagline: If Jason still haunts you,
You're not alone!
Budget: $2.2 million
Box Office: $21.9 million
Opening Weekend: $8.0 million
Sound Quality: Mono
Film Location: Camarillo, California


Released: September 28, 1994
By: Paramount Pictures
Features: Color, Closed-Captioned, Hi-Fi Sound
Original Recording Re-Mastered

Original DVD
Released: September 25, 2001
By: Paramount Pictures
Features: Widescreen, Closed-Captioned

DVD Box Set
Released: October 5, 2004
Features: 5-disc set, Trailers
Deleted Scenes, Interviews

Deluxe Edition DVD
Released: June 16, 2009
By: Paramount Pictures
Features: Lost Tales Of Camp Blood
Trailer, 'Making Of' Featurette

Blu-Ray Box Set
Released: September 13, 2013
By: Paramount Pictures/Warner Brothers
Features: Dolby Surround, Remastered
Widescreen, Subtitled, Closed-Captioned
Killer Bonus Disc DVD, Camp Counselor Patch

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