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Hey yo, that's us, Matt and A.J., the webmasters of this site. We grew up together in Pennsylvania, and we took a liking to the Friday the 13th movies when were young. We followed the course of the movies as we grew up, and when we first started noticing 'Friday the 13th' websites pop up in the dawn of the Internet age, we thought, "hey, we can do better than any of them". So, in January 1999, I signed up for our very first Internet account, voorheeslair, on the Tripod server. It took quite a bit of planning and a hell of a lot of work, but our dream was finally realized in June 2000 when the first incarnation of 'Friday the 13th: Jason's Lair' hit the Internet.

I personally think we did better than any of the other sites out there, and we certainly update a lot more than the other sites. Anyhow, a lot of people would tell us that our site was too much like the other sites, and that we needed something to make it unique and that separated it from all the rest. That's when we included the information on the Eric Morse young adult novels, published in 1994. At the time we put it up, NOBODY had anything even remotely close to what we did in dedicating a section of our site to it. Now, because everybody steals our stuff, the Morse novel information is common, but we were the originators. After doing the novel sections, we decided to go a step further, to write our own story based on Jason. Dubbed "Return to Crystal Lake", we tried our hand at writing the ultimate 'Friday the 13th' tribute story, and I think that's what really put us on the map. Over one million hits and 3 novel sequels later, I'd say we're a big success.

That success helped us expand with the launch of a new website dedicated to the 'Halloween' film series in 2001. 'Halloween: The Lair of Michael Myers' hit the net on October 31, 2001 with the same quality and depth of Jason's Lair. It was completely identical to Jason's Lair in its coverage of the 'Halloween' film series, and we've managed nearly 400,000 hits to date on there. And like Jason's Lair, we wrote the ultimate 'Halloween' tribute story in 2004. Titled 'Hell's Night', its success led to a trilogy, with 'Hell's Night II' (2005) and 'The Festival Of Samhain' (2014) completing our unholy vision of terror.

With the success of those two sites, it was decided that we would launch a third lair site. This one would be dedicated to Freddy Krueger and 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'. Originally launched in 2002, this one proved the toughest to complete, as it has been the victim of hacking and lost servers. After trying Tripod, Dreamwater, Freehomepages, and settling back on Tripod, Freddy's Lair, in its 5th (and completed) version, hit the Net in 2004. Like its predecessors, Freddy's Lair features two original tribute novels as well, titled 'The Springwood Slasher' (2004) and 'Westin Hills' (2006).

In 2007, the Lair reached another milestone, adding our own ad-free, spam-free hosting and domain name! Now totally ad and spam free, you can visit www.lairofhorror.com and see the TRUE Lair Of Horror, the way it was always intended!!!

After many years of dominating the net and constantly being asked, "who is gonna get the next Lair site?", we decided to expand our family. In 2012, Leatherface ('The Texas Chainsaw Massacre') joined the ranks, followed by Pinhead ('Hellraiser') in 2014 and Chucky ('Child's Play') in 2016. Will there be more? Time will tell.

In addition to the site's success, The Lair has also become involved in films as well. In 2007, The Lair assisted author William Pattison and director Cory Stevens with their adaptation of the Eric Morse Camp Crystal Lake novel 'Mother's Day'. Though just a student film, it managed to reach out to the horror community and became an underground classic in many fans' eyes. In addition to that, The Lair has two versions of a script completed for a potential 'Jason's Curse' adaptation ready to go, waiting for potential filmmakers! Stay tuned for all the latest on this and any other film projects we become involved with!

In closing, there are a number of sites out there jealous of ours and others who are looking to make a name off of us by stealing our stuff. If you think you'll get away with it, you're wrong. We will find you and we will shut your site down. Stealing our stuff and calling it your own is wrong and illegal. I don't know how you can sleep at night. All the information contained on our websites is copyrighted by us, and while Paramount and New Line own the series and all images, they were indeed scanned by us, so they technically belong to us. So, if you're thinking about stealing, think again. We have a watermark embedded in all our images, so we'll know who steals them. Don't believe us? Try to find one of the johnny-come-latelys who tried to duplicate our work in the past. They are all gone now.

There are many imitators, but there is only one true Lair. Up and running in our 15th year, our persistence has paid off, and we are here 4 Life.

If you don't like that, we got two words for ya....

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