1. What subject was Carly studying when Boone called her on the phone?

2. What type of car did Paul drive?

3. What band's t-shirt did Kyle wear when they pick him up?

4. What was Albert's main sickness, referred to when they set out?

5. What college did Paul and Albert attend?

6. What kind of beer did Boone bring with him to the camp?

7. What strange item did Rick and Rob find at The Hunter's house?

8. What secret did Boone reveal at the campfire?

9. What song did Kyle play on his guitar at the campfire?

10. What did Monique bring with her that she was embarrassed to tell Carly about?


1. Carly was studying American History when Boone calls.
2. Paul drove a red Chevrolet Cobalt.
3. Kyle wore a Pink Floyd t-shirt.
4. Albert was car sick.
5. Paul and Albert went to Brown University.
6. Boone brought Budweiser beer with him to the camp.
7. Rick and Rob found a Mother's Day card at The Hunter's house.
8. Boone pretended to be a chaperone to get Carly's mom's approval for the trip.
9. Kyle played the Rolling Stones' "Paint It, Black" on his guitar.
10. Monique brought a teddy bear with her to camp.

How well did you do? Check the chart to find out.

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