Pamela: Pamela narrates the legend of Jason

Boone: "You're going camping!"

Boone: "Yeah! Let's Party!!!"

Albert: "Join the club...cowards anonymous"

Kyle: "I mean, after all, what are we? A part of nature...a part of the food chain"

Boone: "It's 100 percent...people free!"

"A long time ago, this boy Jason, drowned...while some of the counselors were off having sex..."

Boone: "Mrs. Voorhees...she killed them all, all but one...she chopped off the old lady's head!! HAHA!!"

Paul: "Legend has it...Mrs. Voorhees' head was never found"

Ned Varner: "Those kids are doomed...God damn...they don't know what's comin!"

Paul: "What did you expect, a suite at the Waldorf???"

Albert: "This fat worm over here, it's big and white...I've never seen anything like it"

Boone: "We have the finest liquid the Anheuser-Busch brewing company has to offer"

Rob: "It's a Mother's Day card...his mother's been dead for the past five years"

Paul: "The only time you're safe...really when you're dead"

Albert: "We have to get out of here...there's blood everywhere!"

Monique: "I am tired of this lake and I am tired of this whole trip!"


Pamela: "She's here you fool...kill her!!!"

Carly: "Happy Mother's Day..."

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