1. The original cut of Carly's Room, where she is talking to Boone, ran longer. But, according to director Cory Stevens, "after showing the scene to a couple test audiences, it was pretty much unanimous that the scene ran too long, was too informative, and was boring. So instead of trying to cut this scene to pieces trying to make it work, we decided to re-shoot it for the final cut of the film".


2. The original cut of Albert and Paul's deaths were, according to director Cory Stevens, "anti-climactic and not very exciting. Also in this original cut, Paul never returns to see Albert or try to save him, and he just to continues to run and doesn't actually fight off The Hunter so he's more of a coward".


3. Originally, instead of running to The Hunter's trailer, Carly runs to the Voorhees House. According to director Cory Stevens, "After cutting the scene and showing it to some test audiences, it really didn't work. It fell flat. It was confusing to people. So instead of trying to re-shoot it, we decided to go a whole new direction and create a whole new scene".


4. This scene was originally going to after the credits of the film to tease the second movie, 'Jason's Curse', which is based on the second Eric Morse novel. But, according to director Cory Stevens, "the scene really didn't play out that well, and I wasn't sure if I would do the second movie, and also I decided to use Kendel Sayer, the actor, in a different part of 'Mother's Day'".

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