Late in the summer of 1957, a young boy by the name of Jason Voorhees drowned in the murky waters of Crystal Lake due to the carelessness of two camp counselors, who were making love at the time.

However a year later, June 13, 1958, the two same camp counselors were found murdered. This closed down the camp for many years until June of 1979, when a man by the name of Steve Christy was preparing to re-open Camp Crystal Lake. However that night him and eight fellow consolers were slain by the hands of Jason's mother, Pamela Voorhees. All but one girl died that night, and she succeeded in killing Mrs. Voorhees near the lake where Jason drowned. Legend has it that by the death of his mother Jason was reborn that very night and vowed to take revenge on anyone who dare stepped foot on his camp again.

Five years after the killing spree at "Camp Blood" Paul Holt opened a training course for camp counselors near the old campgrounds of Crystal Lake. After Jason sliced his way through seven counselors, he was met by a girl named Ginny, who stabbed him with a machete and escaped. However, Jason revived soon after and fled to a nearby town. There, he killed off two storeowners and garnered a new outfit, complete with his infamous hockey mask. Jason found his way to Higgins Haven, a ranch where several vacationing teenagers were spending the weekend. Jason once again took out his anger on these unlucky teens until Chris, a teenage girl, hit him in the head with an ax and left him for dead in her barn.

Jason's body was taken to the Wessex County Medical Center morgue, where he returnd to life and dispatched two medical personnel. Jason went back to Crystal Lake and sliced up more teens, who were partying at a lakeside house they rented. Jason's murdering spree continued but was thwarted by 12-year-old Tommy Jarvis, who sliced Jason's head open with a machete.

Years later, Tommy lost his mind at the age of 15 and was committed to a halfway house for troubled teens. However, trouble soon followed, as a man whose son was recently killed by a patient masqueraded around as Jason Voorhees and killed off most of the patients in the halfway house. Backed into a corner, Tommy was forced to kill the man that night which further affects his unstable mental state.

One year later, the town name is changed from Crystal Lake to Forest Green in hopes of forgetting the town's bloody history. Tommy, released from the mental hospital, and his friend Allen Hawes drove to Jason's grave in an attempt to cremate his body and put an end to it once and for all.

Everything was going according to plan until Tommy had a flashback of his horrific past, and snapped out once again, stabbing Jason's dead corpse with a steel pole. Tommy, set to finish it, went for the can of gasoline, but a lightning bolt struck Jason's body and resurrected him. Jason succeeded in killing Hawes but Tommy escaped to a nearby police station to warn the town.

The sheriff, Mike Garris, didn't believe him and locked him up in jail. At the same time, Jason resumed his killing spree, returning to Camp Forest Green, where five camp counselors prepared to take care of about 75 children for the summer. Jason, back at the familiar campground, hacked his way through the unprepared teens but one of the counselors, the sheriff's daughter Megan, helped Tommy in hopes of winning his heart. She aided Tommy's escape from prison and escorted him back to camp, where they found all the counselors dead. Desperate to spare the remaining lives, Tommy got into a canoe and attempted to draw Jason out to him. Jason, recognizing his foe, followed him and a battle ensued. After an intense struggle, Tommy came out victorious. He managed to wrap a chain around Jason's neck and drowned him in the same spot were he died as a child. The town felt it could finally rest easy, so they returned its name back to Crystal Lake.

Five years later, Jason's body was still resting in peace at the bottom of Crystal Lake when 17-year old Tina Shepard used her power of telekinesis and accidentally broke the chains around his neck in attempt to revive her father, who drowned there when she was a child. Jason, angrier than ever, quickly resumes his rampage, killing seven teenagers at a lakeside house, Tina's doctor, and her mother as well. However, when Jason moved in for the final kill of Tina, she was finally successful in reviving him, and he pulled Jason back to the depths of Crystal Lake, trapping him there once again.

All was quiet until May 1994, when a boat accidentally dragged an electrical cable over Jason's body and revived him. Jason climbed on board and killed the two teens. The boat then floated out to sea and connected with the S.S. Lazarus, where a group of seniors were celebrating their graduation with a trip to New York. Jason got aboard and killed all but a handful of the group, who fled on a lifeboat as the Lazarus sank. The lifeboat then docked in mid-town Manhattan, and they immediately sought out help. Much to their dismay, Jason also arrived in the Big Apple hot on their trail. The last two survivors, Rennie Wickham and Sean Robertson, escaped to a sewer, with Jason in pursuit. There, the sewer floods out with toxic waste and Jason subsequently drowned again as the teens escape. When the acid cleared, Jason's body wasn't found, so the FBI ordered a sting operation on Crystal Lake. An FBI agent was used as bait to draw Jason out to a clearing in the woods, where FBI agents were hiding and waiting to blow his body to pieces. They succeed, but the coroner who examined his body was mesmerized by his heart and ate it, resulting in Jason's re-birth through the Coroner's body.

A bounty hunter by the name of Creighton Duke told Jason's half-sister Diana Kimble that only she has the power to kill Jason, because "Through a Voorhees was he born, through a Voorhees can he be reborn, and only by the hands of a Voorhees may he die." Duke handed her a magic dagger that he claimed had the power to finally finish the job. In the end, after another bloody killing spree, it was Diana's daughter, Jessica, who stabbed him in the heart and sent him to hell. Demons rose out of the ground and claimed their hellion for all time.

We all know that Jason is true evil, and that true evil never dies.


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