1. Chris' van was red, not blue.

2. Chris had blonde hair, not brown.

3. The character Rick was actually named Derek.

4. The character of Loco was African-American.

5. Chuck and Chili were into more than just marijuana. They snorted cocaine on several occasions and had other drugs on hand as well. They were also much younger than portrayed in the film.

6. Vera was much colder toward Shelly in this version. She never even gave him the time of day and made his rejection that much worse.

7. The mask Jason took from Shelly was actually his hard plastic mask from the beginning of the film, and NOT the hockey mask!

8. When Vera and Shelly are in town, and Debbie and Chris are out jogging in the woods and decide to have their talk. At the same time, while they are away, Andy is back at the house working out and Chuck and Chili were snorting cocaine.

9. Before Vera drops Shelly's wallet, she finds one of Debbie's bras floating in the lake, causing her to drop the wallet into the water. She actually dives into the water after it and after retrieving it, sees Jason on the dock and thinks it is Shelly, so she swims toward him. When she pops up out of the water on the dock, it is then that Jason shoots her with the speargun-- at close range!

10. Andy's death was much more graphic. He was actually halved by the machete, and the two pieces of his body fell down the spiral staircase after he was killed.

11. Before she is killed, Debbie reads the book "The Beast With The Red Hands" by Sidney Stuart, and not Fangoria magazine.

12. After Jason kills Chuck and Chili, he laughs hysterically.

13. On their hike back at the end, Rick and Chris run into Abel, the old man who had the rabbit eyes in the beginning. As they move on past him, he tells them, "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil..."

14. In addition to having his throat slit, Shelly's skull was split open as well.

15. Jason blocked the door with a rolled up rug wedged against it, not a chair.

16. It was Chili's body that swings down to scare Chris-- not Loco's.

17. Chris finds the bodies of all three bikers in the barn, and Vera as well.

18. Chris defeats Jason by beheading him with a sickle, not by the machete to the head.

19. Mrs. Voorhees did not make a cameo appearance. Instead, Chris dreamt that she found body parts of her friends scattered all throughout the barn and goes hysterical. She then heads back to the house and opens the door, where Jason is waiting and beheads her with a machete.

20. Old man Abel is arrested at the very end of the book, spouting off biblical references.


1. There was a whole subplot that never made it to the screen. In it, police showed up at the counselor training center from Part 2 and went on a massive manhunt for Jason, who used his cunning, animalistic survival skills to evade police in the woods. He watched from a distance as they searched his cabin and removed all the bodies, including his mother's shrine. Enraged even further, he led police down the path of a river before circling back toward camp, where he ultimately encountered Harold and Edna, and then the teens at Higgins Haven.

2. There was more of a backstory with Harold and Edna then simply being storeowners. They had been high school sweethearts, and Harold was a star quarterback. From there, he got drafted by the army instead of the NFL and served tours in West Germany and Vietnam, and apparently was afraid the entire time. Edna was described as being disgusted with Harold when he came back and used food as his escape from PTSD. This disgust shows well in the actual film, although it is never really explained in that much detail.

3. When Edna is watching the news report about the murders from Part 2, she briefly recalls a visit from Pamela Voorhees made to their store, although it is never mentioned in the film.

4. Chuck was deathly afraid of the dark, and the author explored that fear throughout the book. Not much of that translated to the film, however.

5. Shelly's death was described in more vivid detail and happened in real-time. There was no cut away like they did in the movie.

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