1. The scene where Tina arrives at the house with her mother was a bit extended. After Melissa says, "there goes the neighborhood", Sandra chimes in and tells her she's "such a bitch".


2. The scene where Michael and Jane are stranded originally ran longer. While they get excited at an approaching Jeep, Dan and Judy keep going past them. As they do, Michael yells, "eat sh*t and die, f*ckheads!" When Judy asks Dan why he didn't pick them up, he says, "I'm on vacation...I don't want to have to deal with people".


3. At the house, before Jason sticks the spike in Tina's back door, there was a scene cut where Eddie and Russ talk about Melissa and what Eddie's chances are of hooking up with her. Eddie tells him "she's like a numerian Catwoman". Russ tells him she's "out of his league" and he's "outclassed". Eddie responds with, "hey, you think I can't handle rejection? I'll have you know I've been rejected by some of the greatest science fiction magazines in the country".


4. The morning where Nick and Tina talk about the "big pink elephant", they originally argue about things, as Tina wants to be left alone, but Nick follows her, suggesting they go for a walk together. Tina asks, "what do you want from me?" Nick replies, "I'm new here...I thought maybe you could show me around". It was cut in an effort to develop the chemistry between Nick and Tina.


5. In an extension of the previous scene, the argument continues, and Nick says, "I can keep this up as long as you" while trailing behind her. Tina responds, "good for you" and keeps walking. Nick insists on genuinely wanting to get to know her, but she says, "no, you don't want to get to know me". She asks why and he tells her she has a "nice butt". This leads to the rest of the scene that was left in, where he throws a rock into the lake, tells her he's from Pittsburgh, etc. It just wasn't doing much for the overall story, so it was cut.


6. While Mrs. Shepard and Dr. Crews are out in the car looking for Tina, she starts to comment that, "if anything happens to Tina..." but the camera cuts away to their shot driving down the road before she can finish her statement.


7. There was a scene cut where Maddy, all dolled up, finds David and Robin getting high in the tool shed. She asks them, "what are you doing?" Robin replies, "What are YOU doing? Spying?" She then tells David she wants to go find a place for some "privacy" and they leave. On their way out, David hands Maddy a joint, and Robin asks her, "aren't those Melissa's earrings?" Maddy then takes her first puff and coughs, just as Jason enters the shed.


8. The sex scene between David and Robin originally ran longer. They roll around in bed a bit more, leading up to where Jason takes out the power outside. It was cut because they felt they had enough from what ultimately became the final cut.


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