1. The original ending was a love scene between Lori and Will, two months after the original events. They both go back and forth and wonder if they should do it or not, and then Lori tells him "It's all I've ever wanted." They get hot and heavy, and then Lori notices Will's scar on his side from Jason's machete shot. She asks him if it still hurts, and he says, "Not so much anymore." Lori then says she felt kinda bad for Jason because she was in his nightmare and saw Freddy torturing him. Will tells her to just "shut up" and "this is our night, ok?" They then get hot and heavy again, and Will gets on top of Lori. He then gets really aggressive, ripping at her clothes. Lori, alarmed, asks "what's wrong with you?" Will then chokes her and his right hand raises up and becomes Freddy's claw. She screams as Freddy slashes her.


2. Another ending is discussed on the DVD. In it, Crystal Lake turns into blood and begins to drain like a bathtub, when a giant hand comes out of the lake and drags Freddy and Jason into a never-ending abyss. Lori and Will then walk across the lakebed, and Lori's father finds Freddy's glove. He then says, "I'm gonna get rid of this once and for all," but then a hand reaches up and grabs him and pulls him into the same abyss. Lori and Will yell, "Oh my god!" The hand then puts the glove on, and Freddy begins to laugh. But then, just when Freddy is happy, he looks up in terror and sees the glint of the machete and Jason charging toward him. They are then surrounded by ghouls and Satan himself, and become sort-of gladiators in hell.


3. A final ending considered but never shot saw Pinhead from the 'Hellraiser' franchise come to earth and take both Freddy and Jason to hell, saying, "what seems to be the problem, gentlemen?" as he takes possession of both Freddy's glove and Jason's mask. This would have obviously set up a very interesting future film to include all three, but due to the rights issues with the 'Hellraiser' franchise, this plan was scrapped.

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