By Barney Cohen and Bruce Hidemi Sakow

Alternate Script of The Final Chapter, picking up after Sara leaves Doug in the shower and begins to blow-dry her hair.

SCENE 48. Doug and Sara finish making love in the shower.

Sara towels off and heads for the bedroom to blow-dry her hair.

DOUG: (from inside shower) Sara! I think I'm in heaven!
SARA: (leaning against wall) I think I'm in love.
DOUG: What?
SARA: I'll meet you in the bottom bunk.
DOUG: (singing) Tangerine....
Sara smiles and leaves the bathroom while Doug is singing.

Inside the bedroom, she starts to blowdry her hair. She can't hear Doug.

DOUG: (singing) Tangerine...she is...
The lights go off in the bathroom.
DOUG: Sara? Change your mind? Come on, get in here...there's plenty of room, we can sing a duet...
Doug can see a shape approach the shower door.
DOUG: Who is it, Paulie? Paulie? Hey, Paulie is that you? Hey Paulie...whoops dropped my bar of soap, old buddy, gonna have to get in here with me old pal! Hohohoho!

Jimmie opens the glass door. He has a knife in his back.

He falls to the ground. Doug screams as Sara enters. She checks Jimmie. He is still breathing.

DOUG: Letís get outta here.
As they are about to leave, Jason enters and hacks Sara with an axe.
Jason stops hacking and walks to Doug and squeezes his skull into the wall, killing him instantly.

SCENE 49. Tommy has fixed the lights and is upstairs. He can hear somebody trying to get in through the front door. He slowly descends the steps as glass breaks and Rob and Tricia enter the Jarvis house.

TRICIA: Tommy! Thank God you're ok! Tommy!
TOMMY: What happened?
TRICIA: Where's Mom? Is she back yet?
TOMMY: No, not yet!
TRICIA: I'm gonna call for help.
TOMMY: Rob, what's going on?

As Tricia tries to phone out, Jason pulls the connecter box from the side of the house, disabling the phone system.

TRICIA: I'm not getting anything.
ROB: I'm gonna go next door.
TRICIA: I'm going with you.
ROB: No!
TRICIA: I'm going with you! Tommy, you stay here, ok? And lock the doors.
ROB: Tommy, hold the fort!
TRICIA: Gordon!

SCENE 50. Rob, Tricia, and Gordon walk over to the teens' cottage. As they step on the porch, they see a huge hole in the front door.

ROB: He's been here!
TRICIA: What if he's still here?
ROB: Here, take this! Take it!
Rob hands Tricia the machete and they enter the house. It's dark and quiet inside except for the projector still running. The power goes off suddenly and the projector shuts down.

ROB: I'm going downstairs. You stay here with Gordon.
ROB: Stay right here with Gordon!
Tricia watches Rob as goes down the basement steps. Gordon trots upstairs.

SCENE 51. Gordon runs upstairs, yelps a couple times and jumps out of the second story window. Tricia hears the glass breaking and goes upstairs. She hears the shower running and heads for the bathroom.

Tommy finds the newspaper clippings of the Crystal Lake Massacre inside Rob's backpack.

Tricia walks over to the bathroom. The door is open and she peeks inside.

She sees the broken glass and the blood on the floor. With her eyes, she follows the bloody trail over to the corner. Doug has been spiked face first into the wall. Tricia screams and runs downstairs.

TRICIA: AAAHHH!!! Rob! He's here! He's here! Rob! Rob! Rob!

SCENE 52. Tricia runs into the basement.

TRICIA: He's here! He's here! He's killed all of them, I know it!
ROB: Ok, come on!

As they go upstairs, one of Rob's legs bust through through a step and is caught.

ROB: Shit! Give me a hand!
He gets his foot out and goes back down the steps. Tricia stays.

ROB: Gotta fix the lights!
TRICIA: No! No! No!
Jason attacks Rob as he looks for the fusebox.
ROB: Oh my God! Oh my God! Run! AAAHHH!!! Run! Run! Run Trish! Run! AAAHHH!!! Trish run! AAAHHH!!!

SCENE 53. Tricia stares in disbelief. She runs up the stairs and when Rob's voice trails off, she goes back down the stairs to find him. Jason grabs her ankle from underneath the stairs. She uses the machete to get him to let go of her and runs up the steps, when Jimmie scares her.

TRICIA: JIMMIE! You scared me!

They run for the front door. As they open it, Tina's body is laying there. They run into the kitchen, open the back door and Paulís body is hanging across the doorframe. Tricia throws a chair through the window and crawls outside, leaving the dying Jimmie behind.

She runs for the Jarvis house. Tommy hears her scream and runs for the door.

SCENE 54. She enters the Jarvis house.

TRICIA: Tommy! All the doors locked?
TOMMY: Yeah!
TRICIA: Get me a hammer and nails right now!
TOMMY: Is he here?
TRICIA: Yes! (pause) Tommy? Hurry!
Tommy hands Tricia the equipment. She nails the doors shut.

Jason is about to exit the house, when he sees Jimmie on the ground, still alive, and lifts his body in the air.

JIMMIE: Give me your best, bastard!

Jason then grabs the corkscrew and shoves it in his head.

He exits the house using the back kitchen door. He rips Paul's body out of the way.

Tricia looks through the window to see if Jason is coming, but it's too dark. After a few moments of quiet, Rob's body comes flying in. He is barely alive.

Tricia goes to check on Rob. Jason comes through another window and grabs Tommy.

TOMMY: Tricia, help!
Tricia uses the hammer that was on the table.
TOMMY: Help me! Help me! Put me down! Put me down!
Tricia uses the claw side of the hammer and shoves it in Jason's neck. He lets go of Tommy and disappears into the darkness. As Tricia and Tommy pick up Rob and run for the upstairs, Jason crashes through the front door and throws the hammer at Tricia. It misses and vibrates in the wall.

SCENE 55. Tommy and Tricia and Rob enter Tommy's bedroom and lock the door behind them. Rob lies on the bed. Tricia points to a large bookcase.

TRICIA: Tommy, Tommy, help me push this!
They push the bookcase against the door and huddle in the middle of the room.

TRICIA: Where is he?
Jason jiggles the door knob.
TRICIA: What is he doing?
ROB: Trish, get outta here.
Jason swings an axe through the door, pushes the bookcase away, and tries to enter the room. Tricia grab's Tommy's computer monitor and smashes it on Jason's head. He falls motionless on the floor. Tommy, Tricia, and Rob look at the body through the hole in the door.

ROB: I'm going out the back. When he follows, I want you two to run like hell, hear me? Run like hell!

Rob opens the door and lightly steps past Jason's body.
Jason grabs the axe and swings it at Tricia. It sticks in the wall.

TOMMY: Trish!
Jason looks at Tommy and Tricia then Rob. He runs downstairs.
TRICIA: No! Rob!
Jason follows Rob down the stairs.

SCENE 56. Rob runs for the teens' cottage with Jason close behind. He runs inside the house and up the stairs. Jason follows. He is trapped at the top with nowhere to go. Jason comes close. Rob grabs his knife.

He stabs Jason as Jason lifts him off the ground and throws him through the window, landing on his back on the ground. Jason looks out the window, sees that Rob is laying motionless and goes back inside. Rob gets up and heads back for the Jarvis house. Meanwhile, Tommy is cutting his hair to look like Jason in the newspaper clippings. Jason is following Rob back to the house.

SCENE 57. Rob enters the Jarvis house. Tommy and Tricia hear him from upstairs.
ROB: You were supposed to leave!

The front door is open and Jason steps inside. He has the machete. Rob lunges at him and knocks the machete out of his hand. Tricia grabs it and swings the machete. Tommy quickly shaves his head. Tricia swings the machete at Jason and wounds him between his fingers. She runs as he stares at the wound.

TRICIA: Tommy! Tommy! Get the hell out of here!
Tricia swings the machete as Jason comes closer.
TRICIA: No! You son-of-a-bitch! I'll give you something to remember us by!
Tricia swings the machete into Jason's chest. It doesn't affect him. She drops the machete and Jason grabs her and throws her to the floor. Rob gets up and is easily knocked out by Jason.

Tommy comes down the stairs. He calls to Jason.
TOMMY: Jason! Jason!
Jason turns to look at Tommy. He senses something familiar and walks closer to him.
TOMMY: Remember Jason? Jason, don't you remember? Remember Jason? Jason, remember? Remember?
While Jason is preoccupied with Tommy, Tricia picks up the machete and swings it at Jason's head as he is turning to face her. It knocks the hockey mask off, revealing his hideous face. Tricia is horrified and she drops the machete to the floor. Tommy jumps off the steps and onto the floor, picking up the machete. Jason hears him and turns to face Tommy.

Tommy buries the machete into Jason's head. Jason falls to his knees and then forward, landing on the machete and sliding down the blade.

Tommy and Tricia hug in the middle of the room.
TRICIA: Tommy?
TOMMY: Shhhhh!
As they are hugging, Tommy looks at Jason's body. Then Rob grabs Tommyís leg, scaring him. He rises to his feet and kisses Tricia.

Tommy stares at Jasonís body.

The fingers are moving slightly.

Tommy attacks the body with the machete.

TRICIA: Tommy! Tommy! Tommy! Tommy!
TOMMY: Die! Die! Die! Die!

SCENE 58. Tricia is laying in a hospital bed. A doctor and a policeman are talking to her.

DOCTOR: The shoulder will need some surgery, but we can wait till she's a better candidate.
COP: Now you just get a good rest, young lady.
TRICIA: You haven't answered my question. Neither one of you is answering my question.
DOCTOR: They are all dead. Except for you, your brother, and a hunter named Rob Dyer. All of the teens are dead.
TRICIA: Can I see them now?
DOCTOR: Sure but only for a minute...I'll send them in.

Tommy stands in the doorway and runs to his sister for a hug. Rob also enters in a hospital robe.
TRICIA: Oh, Tommy! Rob!
As Tommy and Tricia hug, a serene, peaceful, and almost evil look appears in Tommy's eyes.

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