By Sean S. Cunningham

Our story starts off at Camp Crystal Lake, 1958 where a bunch of camp counselors are sitting around a campfire.

Then a girl named Claudette gestured to her boyfriend Barry and they slipped away into the darkness.

Barry said, “Let’s go,” and they went into an empty cabin to make out. Then an unseen assassin walked in and Barry tried to defend himself by saying, “We were just fooling around.” Then Claudette said, “Yeah we were just leaving.” Then the assassin pulled out a knife and stabbed Claudette in the neck. And then Barry tried to run but was stopped by a knife to the stomach.

Then our story cuts off to present day were we see a young woman named Annie hiking to Crystal Lake. She is going to be the camp cook.

Then a truck drives by her and they pick her up. In the car Ned, Jack, and Marcie and sitting and they are also going to the camp. Jack said, “So you going to Camp Crystal Lake?” Annie replied, “Yep.” They didn’t speak much but Ned had his eyes on her the whole trip. Then they finally made it there and were greeted by another counselor named Brenda.

Brenda said, “You can put your things in that cabin.” So they did when the owner Steve came out. “Okay there should be 7 of you. Alice, Bill, Brenda, Annie, Jack, Ned, and Marcie.” They all nodded. He said, “Okay you all have a couple days to get this place cleaned up. Alice you show them the ropes around here. I got to run into town and pick up a few things.”

Alice took Ned, Jack, and Marcy around the camp when it started to rain.

Ned and Alice ran into the main cabin and Jack and Marcie went into their cabin to make out. At the main cabin Annie was cooking burgers and everyone else was eating. Then all of a sudden the power went out.

Jack and Marcie were making out when Jack said, “I’ll be right back. I gotta fix the emergency generator. Steve taught me how to use it.”

Marcie said, “Hurry back.” Then Jack slipped out the door and into the rain.

In the shed with the emergency generator, Jack was busy fixing it. Then he heard a noise and went outside to investigate. He was stopped by a hammer which sliced right into his head. Then Marcie was sitting on her bed in her cabin. She put on her poncho and ran into to the bathroom were she used the toilet. Then she heard a door open and opened her stall door when an axe smacked her right in the face!

In the main cabin, Ned was flirting with Brenda and Annie while Bill and Alice were talking. Then it started to get dark as Annie went to her cabin to go to sleep. On the bed above her was Marcy’s dead body. Then she got up to light a candle when a hand from under her bed grabbed her leg and pulled her under. The others in the main cabin heard a scream and thought it was nothing. Brenda said, “Let’s play strip monopoly.”

Ned declined and said, “I got to get some sleep good night.” Then Brenda said, “Oh no, I think I left the windows open in my cabin.” Then as she opened the door Ned popped out and scared the crap out of her. Ned was always playing tricks on everyone. Then he said, “I’ll walk you to your cabin.”

So they started to run and got slower as the rain started to die down. Then someone grabbed Ned on his shoulder and it was Crazy Ralph! “Get outta here man. I heard about you ya psycho.” Ralph then said, “Your doomed. Your all doomed.” Then he ran away into some bushes.

“Wait right here I’m gonna scare that retard outta here.” So he chased after Ralph and ducked into the woods. Then he heard a strange yelping noise and ran towards it. Ned then saw Ralph laying on the ground. He thought he was acting and he rolled him over and saw he had his neck slit. Then the assassin took a machete and shoved it right through him. Brenda who was getting impatient went into her cabin and fell asleep. Then she heard a voice saying, “HELP ME!”

So she went out to investigate it and was led to the archery range. The assassin then shot her with an arrow. She screamed loud.

Steve got back late and saw a light. He walked towards it, but didn’t realize it was the assassin. Then as he walked closer to the light that was shining in his face to see whom it was, he got stabbed in the chest.

That left Bill and Alice.

They were cleaning up.

Alice got a funny feeling when she heard Brenda scream and persuaded him to go with her to look for everyone. They went into Alice’s cabin and found a bloody axe.

Then they ran to Ned’s truck. Bill tried to start it but it didn’t work. Then he got out and checked the engine. He told Alice, “I’ll try to repair this while you go inside and call someone.” Alice ran inside. Bill noticed something in the back of Ned’s truck. He went to check it out and found Ned and Brenda dead. He was about to scream when the assassin hit him over the head with a fireplace poker.

Alice was inside when Jack’s body came flying in through the window. She screamed and ran outside and saw Steve and Annie hanging on the tree in front of her. Then a jeep pulled up and Mrs. Voorhees came out.

She ran up to her and was crying saying that they had to get out of there. Then Mrs. Voorhees told Alice about how her son Jason drowned in 1957 while the counselors weren’t paying attention. So she took revenge on all of the counselors. Then Alice saw Bill laying on the ground and figured out that she was the killer and hit Mrs. Voorhees and ran for her jeep. She opened the door and found Ralph and Marcie in it.

She then ran down towards the lake and Mrs. Voorhees chased her and pulled out her machete and then Bill grabbed her and knocked the machete out of her hands. Then Alice picked it up and decapitated her. Bill gave her a hug and she walked over to the lake when Jason popped out and pulled her in. Then she woke up in a hospital and an officer was standing at the foot of her bed. He said, “You were a lucky one.” Then Alice said, “Are they all dead?” “I’m afraid so. Just you and a young man named Bill were alive. We thought you were dead. My men found Bill on the ground unconscious and you were floating in the lake. We thought you were dead. Your parents are on their way up. We were able to identify all of the bodies.”

He walked over to a piece of paper. “I know this might be hard for you but, I want you to tell me if these names are the ones at the camp. Steve Christy, Brenda Johnson, Ned Brown, Jack Smith, Marcy Jones, Ralph Williamson, Annie Jackson, and Pamela Voorhees.”

Then Bill entered the room and he had a bandage on his head. “Hi Alice. We made it.”

Then she smiled and said to the officer, “What about the boy?” He said, “We didn’t find any boy.” Then she said, “Then he’s still there.”

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