John Carpenter
Film legend John Carpenter has gone on to a distinguished career in horror films. Carpenter is known mostly for 'Halloween', but has a bevy of classics to his credit, including 'The Fog', 'Assault on Precinct 13', 'The Thing', 'Village of the Damned', and 'Escape from New York'.

Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis, famous as Laurie in four 'Halloween' installments, is now semi-retired from acting, taking a few projects here or there to concentrate on her family. Her many screen credits include 'The Fog', 'Prom Night', 'True Lies', and 'Freaky Friday'. Most recently, Jamie has started publishing a series of children's books with her friend Laura Cornell.

Dick Warlock
Veteran stuntman Dick Warlock is the only man who played Michael Myers that has an official website. Warlock, the father of actors Billy and Lance Warlock, was a stunt double for Kurt Russell for over 20 years. Warlock appeared in many of John Carpenter's films, which led him to the role as Michael Myers. He's made quite an impact on the horror world, working on films like 'Pumpkinhead', 'Child's Play' 2 and 3, and 'Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning'. Prior to 1998's 'Halloween H20', Dick was approached about possibly reprising his role as The Shape, but it was given to Chris Durand instead. To this day, Warlock still owns the jumpsuit, boots, knife and scalpel he used while filming 'Halloween II'.

Lance Guest
Lance Guest, who played the bumbling ambulance attendant Jimmy in 'Halloween II', went on to moderate success on both the big and small screens, appearing in several movies as well as landing a few recurring TV roles. After 'Halloween II', he starred in 1984's 'The Last Starfighter', 'Jaws: The Revenge' in 1987, 'Plan B' in 1997, and 'Mach 2' in 2001. His TV credits include 'Knots Landing', 'The Wonder Years', 'Party of Five', 'The X-Files', and 'JAG'. His most recent appearance was on the police drama 'NYPD Blue', where he appeared in 2004.

Leo Rossi
Leo Rossi, Nurse Karen's cohort in the hot tub in 'Halloween II', has been successful on both the big screen and small screen, appearing in numerous roles. His big screen credits include 1991's 'Fast Getaway' and its 1994 sequel, 'Fast Getaway II', 1995's 'Mutant Species', and 2000's 'Fatal Conflict'. Most recently, he was in the 2003 re-birth of the Looney Tunes, titled 'Looney Tunes: Back In Action', and completed two films slated for release in 2006: '10th and Wolf' and 'All-In'.

Tawny Moyer
Tawny Moyer, who played Nurse Jill in 'Halloween II', went on to appear in several movies, and a few TV series as well. Her credits include 1987's 'House of the Rising Sun', and 1993's 'The Sorority House Murders', and National Lampoon's 'Attack of the 5 ft. 2 Women' in 1994. Her most recent television appearance came in a 2000 episode of 'The Drew Carey Show'.

Pamela Susan Shoop
Actress Pamela Susan Shoop, who played the always-tardy Nurse Karen in 'Halloween II', went on to success mostly on TV. Since her first gig at the age of 22, Pamela has been a mainstay on the small screen. In the mid-1980s, she appeared on two television mainstays, 'Murder She Wrote' and 'Knight Rider'. Then, in the 1990s, she continued her work as those series ran their course, adding spots on the 'Dangerous Curves' and 'Kung Fu: The Legend Continues' series.

Hunter Von Leer
Since playing Officer Hunt in 'Halloween II', Hunter Von Leer has seen moderate success throughout the 1980s and 1990s, primarily on TV. His most recent movie credits include 1995's 'The Stranger', and 2002's 'The Round and Round'. In addition, Hunter starred in a score of made-for-TV movies and various television series, including the original 'Dukes Of Hazzard', 'Quantum Leap', and most recently, 'The West Wing' in 1999.

Nancy Loomis
Nancy Loomis, who played Annie in Halloween, has been out of acting since 1992. Following her appearance in John Carpenter's original classic, she was brought back as the wife of Dr. Challis in the spinoff 'Halloween III: Season of the Witch'. Nancy was originally married to 'Halloween III' director Tommy Lee Wallace, then later divorced and got re-married. Her other screen credits include the original 'Assault on Precinct 13', 'The Twilight Zone', and in 1992's 'Lady Boss'.

Charles Cyphers
Charles Cyphers, who played Sheriff Brackett in Halloween, returned to that role when John Carpenter did the sequel, 'Halloween II', in 1981. After that, Cyphers appeared in two other Carpenter classics, 'The Fog' and 'Escape from New York', before doing a series of sequels, which included 'Death Wish II' and 'Big Bad Mama II'. Charles is also known for his role in the 1989 baseball hit 'Major League', where he played Indians general manager Charlie Donovan. His most recent project was 2005's 'The Second Line'.

Nancy Stephens
After appearing in 'Halloween', Nancy Stephens reprised her role as Marion Chambers in 'Halloween II'. It was there that she met her husband, director Rick Rosenthal, who later went on to direct 'Halloween: Resurrection'. Her many credits include 'American Dreamer', 'D2: The Mighty Ducks', and the TV series 'Days of our Lives'. Nancy was brought back to play Marion Chambers one final time in 1998's 'Halloween H20', where she was finally killed off by Michael Myers in the beginning.

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