1. During the film, Michael runs into a kid in a clown costume. This is an obvious homage to Michael as a boy, when he wore that costume during his first killings both in the original and in Rob Zombie's re-imagining in 2007.

2. Michael runs into a group of trick-or-treaters, which happened a couple of times in previous 'Halloween' installments.

3. The hospital dream sequence is a tribute to the original 'Halloween II' (1981), which was set at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital.

4. The pumpkin on the ledge of the guard's station is similar to the pumpkin on the window ledge of Mrs. Elrod's house in the original 'Halloween II' (1981). Rob Zombie even used a similar style of shot for the scene, slowly coming up on it from beneath the window, the same way John Carpenter did.

5. Michael eating a dog is similar to the original film, where Dr. Loomis and Sheriff Brackett find a dead dog at the Myers House. "He got hungry", Loomis said in that film.

6. Several quotes from the film were tributes to the original 'Halloween II' (1981), including "death has come to your little town, sheriff" and "he sat there sitting, waiting...inhumanly patient".

7. The character of Wolfie drove a van, much like Bob did in the original film, and in the Rob Zombie re-imagining in 2007.

8. Mya and Harley's costumes were homages to characters from 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' (1975). There were also many tribute costumes throughout the crowd, including killer clowns and zombies.

9. Michael pulls Mya back into the house the same way he did Annie in Rob Zombie's re-imagining in 2007.

10. While appearing on the "Newman Hour", David Newman reads a quote from Dr. Donald Faber, who calls Dr. Loomis' new book "Horror Show". This is a nod to 'A Clockwork Orange' (1972), a film Rob Zombie is very fond of and that Malcolm McDowell starred in.

11. Laurie sensing "he's coming...he's coming" is similar to when Jamie Lloyd felt the same thing in 'Halloween 4' and 'Halloween 5'.

12. The characters of Mya and Harley were clearly set to mimick Lynda and Annie from the first film. Since Lynda was killed and Annie was incapacitated, Rob filled in the gap with Laurie's "new friends". In fact, there is a scene in the Unrated Director's Cut where Annie, who finds Laurie drinking a beer, asks her if "that's how her new friends roll".

13. Howard Boggs' death scene is similar to that of Paul from Rob Zombie's re-imagining in 2007. They are both found butchered and hung from the ceiling.

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