Prologue- It's Only Just Begun
Chapter 1- A Long Night
Chapter 2- Cracked
Chapter 3- Haddonfield Memorial
Chapter 4- Last Line Of Defense
Chapter 5- The Massacre
Chapter 6- The Massacre Continued
Chapter 7- A Hallway Acquaintance
Chapter 8- Room 116
Chapter 9- Death Of A Sheriff
Chapter 10- The Tower Farm
Chapter 11- Lounging
Chapter 12- News Brief
Chapter 13- The Long Road Home
Chapter 14- A Bloodied Barn
Chapter 15- Matters Of Our Own
Chapter 16- Michael Checks In
Chapter 17- Code White
Chapter 18- Restroom Break
Chapter 19- A Shocker
Chapter 20- East Wing
Chapter 21- Utility Room
Chapter 22- Tower Farm Revisited
Chapter 23- Basement Call
Chapter 24- Tunnel Of Darkness
Chapter 25- Fish Out Of Water
Chapter 26- Code Black
Chapter 27- Confrontation
Chapter 28- Euthanasia
Chapter 29- Lethal Injection
Chapter 30- Darkest Before Dawn
Epilogue- Aftermath

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