1. The ending in the Unrated Director's Cut is much different. After Michael grabs Loomis, they go crashing through the wall of the shack and emerge in front of police. Michael takes his mask off and Loomis tells him, "Michael, we're going to hell". Michael then yells "DIE!" and stabs Loomis in the stomach. From there, Brackett and the rest of the police gun him down. Laurie then emerges from the shack. Still able to see the vision of Deborah Myers, Laurie goes over to the bodies of Michael and Loomis and picks up the butcher knife. Brackett watches her, impatiently awaiting her next move, but before that occurs, several trigger-happy deputies accidentally shoot Laurie. Brackett yells "Hold your fire!" repeatedly, but it's too late. Nan Vernon's eerie version of "Love Hurts" then begins to play in the background, and Laurie falls down next to her brother and slowly begins to die. The last images Laurie sees are that of Deborah Myers and the white horse, walking toward her in the white hallway of what is presumed to be an asylum. Laurie smiles slowly, then as the camera fades to black, she dies.

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