Robert Englund
Robert Englund, one of the most sought-after horror veterans on the scene, has gone on to many horror films and even dabbled in directing from time to time. Aside from his career as Freddy, which included the 'Freddy's Nightmares' TV series, Robert starred in a 1989 remake of 'The Phantom Of The Opera', and works frequently with director Tobe Hooper. His many horror credits include 'The Mangler', '2001 Maniacs', 'Strangeland', 'Urban Legend', and 'Wishmaster'. Robert is also an avid surfer, and has appeared on shows such as 'Entertainment Tonight' to discuss surfing. In October 2009, he released his memoir book, 'Hollywood Monster', chronicling his experiences in the film industry. He has passed on his glove to Jackie Earle Haley, who took on the role of Freddy in the 2010 remake for Platinum Dunes.

Lisa Wilcox
Lisa Wilcox, Alice from 'The Dream Master' and 'The Dream Child', has acted in over 100 films, shows and theater productions. Since her trips to Elm Street, Lisa was a regular in the television series 'General Hospital' (1987), 'Knots Landing' (1989), 'Fear Clinic' (2009), and numerous guest starring roles. She portrayed "Carol Brady/Florence Henderson" in the TV movie, 'Unauthorized Brady Bunch: The Final Days' (2000), and guest starred in an episode of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' (1987) playing Yuta. This episode, titled "The Vengeance Factor", became so prolific, that Yuta is featured on the 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' Monopoly board. In 2000, Lisa co-founded the company "Toe Brights" with Tuesday Knight, a wholesale costume jewelry company, selling to major department stores, chain stores and boutiques. The company's celebrity client list is impressive and includes Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Cher, Mariah Carey and many more.

Danny Hassel
Danny Hassel, who played the jock Dan Jordan in 'The Dream Master' and 'The Dream Child' got out of acting after his time on Elm Street. His last appearances were on episodes of 'Simon & Simon' (1988) and 'Columbo' (1989), as well as the TV film 'The China Lake Murders' in 1990. Following the World Trade Center bombings in 2001, Danny enlisted in the military, which led to his special appearances in 'Devil's Brigade' in 2006, a TV series that tracked the progress of 15 soldiers as they endured the same grueling training that their original counterparts did in 1942. The original Brigade were a lethal battalion of over six hundred Canadian and American soldiers who parachuted behind German lines to wreak havoc during World War II.

Whitby Hertford
Whitby Hertford, who as a youth, played the role of Jacob in 'The Dream Child', has gone on to continue his career on both the big and small screens, adding some animation work to his resume as well. His additional credits include 'Jurassic Park' (1993), 'The Land Before Time III' (1995), 'MadTV' (2000) and 'Dark Reel' (2008). He is an alum of the 'Upright Citizens Brigade' theater out of Los Angeles, and is a founder of 'The Stage Standard', a comedy group in L.A. Most recently, Whitby has appeared in episodes of 'Glee' and 'How I Met Your Mother', both in 2009. His next projects are films titled 'Dog Days' and 'Hit List', both set for 2010.

Kelly Jo Minter
Kelly Jo Minter, who played Yvonne in 'The Dream Child', has gone on to work primarily on the small screen, and recently as a producer. Her film credits include 'The Lost Boys' (1987), 'House Party' (1990), 'New Jack City' (1991), and 'The People Under The Stairs' (1991). She also served as an actor and producer for the 2003 film 'Tapped Out', alongside fellow Elm Street alum Toy Newkirk. Her most recent appearance came in a 2008 episode of 'Zoey 101' for the Disney Channel. In addition to her film and TV work, Kelly is also a handbag designer. Her handbag collection, called KJO Los Angeles, was started as a hobby in 2004 and has been growing ever since, primarily around Los Angeles.

Erika Anderson
Erika Anderson, who played Greta in 'The Dream Child', continued in TV work following the film. A former Elite fashion model, Erika continued some work in that field as well. Her TV credits following her trip down Elm Street include three episodes of 'Twin Peaks' (1990), the TV film 'Quake' (1992), 'The Red Shoe Diaries' (1993), and 'Silk Stalkings' (1996). Her most recent appearance came in the 2000 TV movie 'Ascension'.

Joe Seely
Joe Seely, Mark from 'The Dream Child', has acted in over a dozen different films and shows, including 'St. Elsewhere' (1986), 'Shag' (1989) and 'Pedestrian' (2000). His most recent credits are on 'The Homecoming Of Jimmy Whitecloud' (2001), 'Les Superficiales' (2002), 'Nate And The Colonel' (2003) and 'Sofia' (2004). His latest role was as Muggles Beard in the 2007 film 'Haymaker & Sally', a cop drama/mystery.

Nicholas Mele
Nicholas Mele, who played Alice's father in 'The Dream Master' and 'The Dream Child', has continued on in guest starring roles since that time. His credits include 'Fast Getaway II' (1994), 'Seinfeld' (1996), and 'NYPD Blue' (1995, 2002). Nicholas has also been involved in other big-screen ventures including 'Jimmy Zip' (1999), 'I Am Sam' (2001) and 'The Great Gabble' (2003). His most recent project was 2009's 'The Sinatra Club', where he played Don Carlo Gambino.

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