1. What was the name of the project Alex was working on for Saxon Systems?

2. What was Trisha's vision of Freddy in the convenience store dream?

3. What famous line did Freddy repeat when he was re-born?

4. What song was Julie listening to when Alex first brought her coffee?

5. Where were Devon's parents during the entire novel?

6. What children's book did Dr. Langevin read to his daughter Autumn?

7. What was the name of Autumn's website?

8. What was Neil Simmons' dark secret?

9. What was the logo for Macrocosm Research?

10. What poem was on Autumn's computer when Devon went to check on her at the end?


1. Alex worked on the Seance Project.
2. Trisha's vision of Freddy was of Kali, Indian goddess of creation and destruction.
3. Freddy repeated, "It's A Boy!" after he was re-born, just like in 'The Dream Child'.
4. Trisha was listening to Todd Rundgren's 'A Dream Goes On Forever'.
5. Devon's parents were vacationing in Europe.
6. Dr. Langevin read 'Oh The Thinks You Can Think' by Dr. Seuss.
7. Autumn's website was titled, 'Fall Leaves- The Free Download Lady'.
8. Neil raped and killed a teenage girl, and was responsible for his wife's death.
9. The logo for Macrocosm Research was the 'Seal of Solomon'.
10. Ralph Waldo Emerson's 'The Poet' was on Autumn's computer.

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