Charles Bernstein- Nightmare 1 Main Title
Charles Bernstein- Dream Attack
Charles Bernstein- Fountain Of Blood
213- Nightmare
Christopher Young- Sports Attack
Christopher Young- Snake In The Class
Christopher Young- Chest Burster
Bobby Orlando- Whisper To A Scream
Skagarack- Move It In The Night
Angelo Badalamenti- Nightmare 3 Opening
Angelo Badalamenti- Dream House
Angelo Badalamenti- Puppet Walk
Angelo Badalamenti- Taryn's Deepest Fear
Joe Lamont- Quiet Cool
Dokken- Dream Warriors (Acoustic)
Tuesday Knight- Nightmare
Craig Safan- Resurrection
Craig Safan- Time Circles
Craig Safan- Alice Gets Ready
Go West- Don't Be Afraid Of Your Dreams
Jimmy Davis- My Way Or The Highway
Vigil- Therapist
Joe Lamont- Pride and Joy
Jay Ferguson- Nightmare 5 Main Theme
Jay Ferguson- It's A Boy
Jay Ferguson- Don't Drink And Drive
Romeo's Daughter- Heaven In The Back Seat
Slave Raider- What Do You Know About Rock N Roll
Samantha Fox- Now I Lay Me Down
Doctor Ice- Word Up Doc
Brian May- Nightmare 6 Opening
Brian May- Nightmare 6 Main Titles
Brian May- Maggie's First Dream
Brian May- Freddy Into Reality
Iggy Pop- Why Was I Born (Freddy's Dead)
Young Lords- Give Me A Beat
J. Peter Robinson- A New Nightmare Begins
J. Peter Robinson- Chase's Blues
J. Peter Robinson- The Claw In Heather's Bed
J. Peter Robinson- Robert's Painting
J. Peter Robinson- Miss Me??!!
J. Peter Robinson- End Credits
Steve Jablonsky- Nightmare 2010 Main Title
Steve Jablonsky- Rufus
Steve Jablonsky- Quiet Drive
Steve Jablonsky- It's Hot In Here
Steve Jablonsky- Jump Rope


Orlando Pops Orchestra- Nightmare 2 Main Theme
Wish- Touch Me (All Night Long)
Bing Crosby- Did You Ever See A Dream Walking?
The Reds- Terror In My Heart
Willy Finlayson- On The Air Tonight
Dokken- Dream Warriors
Dokken- Into The Fire
Dramarama- Anything, Anything (I'll Give You)
Billy Idol- Fatal Charm
Divinyls- Back To The Wall
Sinead O'Connor- I Want Your (Hands On Me)
The Fat Boys- Are You Ready For Freddy
Vinnie Vincent Invasion- Love Kills
Blondie- In The Flesh
Blondie- Rip Her To Shreds
Sea Hags- Under The Night Stars
Angels- Standing Over You
Love/Hate- Angel
Bruce Dickinson- Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter
Mammoth- Can't Take The Hurt
W.A.S.P.- Savage
Whodini- Any Way I Gotta Swing It
Kool Moe Dee- Let's Go
Schoolly D- Livin' In The Jungle
Goo Goo Dolls- I'm Awake Now
Goo Goo Dolls- You Know What I Mean
Goo Goo Dolls- Two Days In February
Junk Monkeys- Everything Remains The Same
Johnny Law- Hold Me Down
Johnny Law- Remember The Night
Chubb Rock- Treat 'Em Right
Iron Butterfly- In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
Fates Warning- Nothing Left To Say
Bon Jovi- Lay Your Hands On Me
R.E.M.- Losing My Religion
Ill Nino- How Can I Live
Killswitch Engage- When Darkness Falls
Spineshank- Beginning Of The End
Mushroomhead- Sun Doesn't Rise
Slipknot- Snap
Chimaira- Army Of Me
From Autumn To Ashes- The After Dinner Payback
Powerman 5000- Bombshell
Murderdolls- Welcome To The Strange
Seether- Out Of My Way
Stone Sour- Inside The Cynic
Devildriver- Swinging The Dead
The Blank Theory- Middle Of Nowhere
Nothingface- Ether
In Flames- Trigger
Lamb Of God- 11th Hour
Type O Negative- (We Were) Electrocute
Spineshank- Slavery
ImX- Clap Your Hands Pt. 1
ImX- First Time
Junkie XL- Nightmares
The Everly Brothers- All I Have To Do Is Dream
The Hit Crew- Un Homme Et Une Femme


Charles Bernstein- A Nightmare On Elm Street Album

1. Prologue
2. Main Title
3. Laying The Traps
4. Dream Attack
5. Rod Hanged/Night Stalking
6. Jail Cell
7. Confrontation
8. Sleep Clinic
9. Terror In The Tub
10. No Escape
11. School Horror/Stay Awake
12. Lurking
13. Telephone Terror
14. Fountain Of Blood
15. Evil Freddy
16. Final Search
17. Run Nancy

J. Peter Robinson- New Nightmare Album

1. Playground
2. A New Nightmare Begins
3. And Now...Heeeere's Freddy
4. Heather And Chase Theme
5. Scratches
6. Phone Calls
7. The Glove Goes Berserk
8. Heather's Departure
9. Dylan Tells Heather About Chase
10. Heather's Concern
11. Bedtime Story (Dylan's Theme)
12. Chase's Blues
13. The Claw And Chase's Death
14. The Police Tell Heather About Chase
15. The Funeral
16. The Park
17. Nosebleed
18. Robert's Painting
19. The Claw In Heather's Bed
20. Attack
21. Heather Reassures Dylan
22. Wes Craven's Nightmare
23. Never Sleep Again!
24. Miss Me??!!
25. Oxgentyton
26. Everything's Not All Right
27. The Freeway
28. Transformation
29. Bread Crumbs
30. Freddy's Netherworld
31. Script/Freddy's Attack
32. Tongue/Escape
33. Safe At Last???

A Nightmare On Elm Street Soundtrack Album

1. Freddy's Coming For You
2. Main Title
3. Missing Pictures
4. Rufus
5. Quiet Drive
6. Jesse And Kris
7. Jesse And The Police
8. You Smell Different
9. A Man Named Fred Krueger
10. Research
11. It's Hot In Here
12. The School
13. Where The Monster Lives
14. Wake Me Up
15. Boo
16. Like It Used To Be
17. One More Nap
18. Jump Rope


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