Doug Bradley
The legendary Doug Bradley, who donned the pins and makeup of Pinhead for eight of the nine 'Hellraiser' films, has become a cult icon in the genre. Bradley was originally going to take the role of one of the movers in the first 'Hellraiser' film, but opted for the Lead Cenobite instead, and the rest, they say, is history. He is very close friends with Clive Barker, and the two have worked together on many projects over the years, including 'Night Breed' (1990), 'Salome & The Forbidden' (1998), and founding the 'Dog Company' progressive theatre group in London. Bradley is one of only five actors to play the same horror character on at least six consecutive occasions, joining Sir Christopher Lee (Count Dracula), Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger), Warwick Davis (Leprechaun), Brad Dourif (Chucky) and Tobin Bell (Jigsaw). His most recent genre fare includes 'Pumpkinhead: Ashes To Ashes' (2006), 'Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines' (2012), 'Shame The Devil' (2013), and 'Death House' (2014). In addition to his on-screen work, Doug has performed narrations on several songs by English extreme metal band, Cradle of Filth, as well as contributing guest vocals to their 2008 album 'Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder', on all songs except 'Tragic Kingdom'. Forever a student of the acting craft, Doug is also the author of the book 'Sacred Masks: Behind The Mask Of The Horror Actor', which explores the history of masks in society and their applications in horror films. A regular on the convention circuit, Bradley is rumored to be working with Clive Barker on a re-make of the original 'Hellraiser' film. He lives in London with his wife Lynne, two children, and a cat.

Lance Henriksen
Genre veteran Lance Henriksen was originally approached by producers for the role of Larry Cotton in the original 'Hellraiser' (1987), but declined to work on the vampire film 'Near Dark' instead. In 2005, he came full circle and finally made his debut in the franchise, as The Host in 'Hellworld'. Lance is known worldwide for his horror and science fiction roles, which include 'The Terminator' (1984), 'Pumpkinhead' (1988), 'Stone Cold' (1991), 'Scream 3' (2000), and 'When A Stranger Calls' (2006). Henriksen is perhaps best known in the role of Bishop in James Cameron's popular sequel 'Aliens' (1986) and its follow-up, 'Alien 3' (1992). He also went on to portray a separate role, Charles Bishop Weyland, in the 2004 mashup 'Alien Vs. Predator'. In addition, director Victor Salva was said to have written the character of the Creeper specifically for Lance in 'Jeepers Creepers' (2001), but Lance was unable to participate. On TV, Henriksen starred in 'Millennium' (1996-1999), as Frank Black, a former FBI agent who possessed a unique ability to see into the minds of killers. Henriksen's performances on 'Millennium' earned him critical acclaim, a People's Choice Award nomination for Favorite New Male TV Star, and three consecutive Golden Globe nominations for Best Performance by an Actor in a TV Series from 1997-1999. Most recently, Lance released an autobiography, titled 'Not Bad For A Human', which can be purchased on his website, and he is one of the creators of the Dark Horse comic book series 'To Hell You Ride', which came out in trade paperback form in 2013. He is also very active on the horror convention circuit, always eager to meet with his fans and discuss his many film and television roles.

Katheryn Winnick
Katheryn Winnick, Chelsea from 'Hellworld', has appeared in many films and television shows, including Adam Sandler's '50 First Dates' (2004), 'Cloud 9' (2006) with Burt Reynolds, 'Cold Souls' (2009) alongside Paul Giamatti and Emily Watson, and 'Stand Up Guys' (2012), with Al Pacino and Christopher Walken. On the small screen, Katheryn has had guest appearances on crime dramas like 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent' (2002), 'CSI: Miami' (2006), 'Bones' (2010), and 'The Glades' (2011). Winnick most recently starred in the films 'A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III' and 'The Art Of The Steal', both in 2013. She also joined The History Channel's series 'Vikings' the same year, portraying the recurring role of Lagertha, a legendary figure in Viking history.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill, Mike from 'Hellworld', is arguably the most famous 'Hellraiser' alums out there today. He is best known for taking over the iconic role of Superman in 2013's 'Man Of Steel', a role he will reprise in the upcoming 'Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice' in 2015 and the superhero mashup 'Justice League' after that. He originally landed the role for 'Superman Returns' in 2005, but when director Brian Singer took over the project, and recast the role in favor of Brandon Routh. Cavill has been the official spokesman for the Dunhill men's fragrance collection since 2008, and is an ambassador for The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund. Prior to landing the role of Superman, Cavill was known for the roles he "almost" got, including James Bond (2005's 'Casino Royale'), Cedric Diggory (2005's 'Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire') and Edward Cullen (2008's 'Twilight'). Other credits to his name include 'The Count Of Monte Cristo' (2002), 'Tristan & Isolde' (2006), 'Red Riding Hood' (2006), and the TV drama 'The Tudors' (2007-2010). Cavill was voted Glamour UK's Sexiest Man Of 2013 award, and won the 2014 MTV Movie Award for Best Hero. His next project, 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.' remake, is completed and slated for release in 2015.

Khary Payton
Khary Payton, Derrick from 'Hellworld', is an actor known for performing across many platforms, including films, television, video games, and animated cartoons. He is perhaps best known for his role of Cyborg in the 'Teen Titans' animated series in 2003 and its revival in 2012, and Aqualad in 'Young Justice' (2011). In the cartoon series 'Justice League' (2001-2004), Payton provided the voice of the villain Ten (from the Royal Flush Gang) and also brought life to the character Drebin in the game 'Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots' (2008). On television, Khary has appeared in the recurring role of Dr. Terrell Jackson on the ABC daytime soap opera 'General Hospital' (2011), as Aaron Taber on 'CSI: Miami' (2012), and as Brad Carter on ABC's 'Body Of Proof' (2013). Big screen roles for Payton include 'Dracula II: Ascension' (2003), 'Latter Days' (2003), 'Blood: The Last Vampire' (2009), and 'Astronaut: The Last Push' (2015).

Christopher Jacot
Christopher Jacot, who portrayed Jake in 'Hellworld', has gone on to a career on both the big and small screens. On TV, he has played on shows like 'Degrassi: The Next Generation' (2004-2005), 'Battlestar Galactica' (2006), 'Knights Of Bloodsteel' (2009), and 'Nikita' (2013). He has also lent his voice to many animated projects, including the voice of Johnny Storm/The Human Torch in 'The Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes' (2006-2007), as well as two incarnations in the 'Beyblade' franchise: 'Shogun Steel' and 'Metal Fusion', both in 2013. Jacot held the recurring role of Larry Haberman in the Sci-Fi original series 'Eureka' from 2007-2012. Most recently, Christopher voiced the character of Maurice Vega in the video game 'Watch Dogs' (2014), appeared in the TV movie 'Aaliyah: The Princess Of R&B' (2014), and completed the film 'Manhattan Undying', set for release in 2015.

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