Doug Bradley
The legendary Doug Bradley, who donned the pins and makeup of Pinhead for eight of the nine 'Hellraiser' films, has become a cult icon in the genre. Bradley was originally going to take the role of one of the movers in the first 'Hellraiser' film, but opted for the Lead Cenobite instead, and the rest, they say, is history. He is very close friends with Clive Barker, and the two have worked together on many projects over the years, including 'Night Breed' (1990), 'Salome & The Forbidden' (1998), and founding the 'Dog Company' progressive theatre group in London. Bradley is one of only five actors to play the same horror character on at least six consecutive occasions, joining Sir Christopher Lee (Count Dracula), Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger), Warwick Davis (Leprechaun), Brad Dourif (Chucky) and Tobin Bell (Jigsaw). His most recent genre fare includes 'Pumpkinhead: Ashes To Ashes' (2006), 'Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines' (2012), 'Shame The Devil' (2013), and 'Death House' (2014). In addition to his on-screen work, Doug has performed narrations on several songs by English extreme metal band, Cradle of Filth, as well as contributing guest vocals to their 2008 album 'Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder', on all songs except 'Tragic Kingdom'. Forever a student of the acting craft, Doug is also the author of the book 'Sacred Masks: Behind The Mask Of The Horror Actor', which explores the history of masks in society and their applications in horror films. A regular on the convention circuit, Bradley is rumored to be working with Clive Barker on a re-make of the original 'Hellraiser' film. He lives in London with his wife Lynne, two children, and a cat.

Terry Farrell
Terry Farrell, who took on the role of investigative reporter Joey Summerskill in 'Hell On Earth', went on to star in 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine', as Jadzia Dax, the space station's Starfleet science officer. A character from an alien species known as the Trill, who is host to a 300-year-old symbiont and can draw upon the memories and knowledge of the symbiont's seven previous hosts. The series debuted in January 1993, but when she decided to leave the show at the end of the sixth season, Paramount killed off Farrell's character, despite her protests. A former model, Terry then made her way to broadcast TV, co-starring in Paramount's television comedy series 'Becker' from 1998-2002. She was cast in the role of Regina "Reggie" Kostas, foil and love interest to Ted Danson's John Becker. Her run lasted four years and 94 episodes, before she was replaced by Nancy Travis. Farrell also provided the voice of 'Six Of One' in the animated short film 'Tripping The Rift' (2000), which eventually became a Sci-Fi Channel TV series with other actors providing the voice of Six. Her other credits include 'Deep Core' (2000), 'Psychic Murders' (2002), and the 2003 made-for-TV movie, 'Code 11-14'.

Kevin Bernhardt
Following 'Hell On Earth', Kevin Bernhardt (J.P. Monroe) continued his regular work on the soap opera 'General Hospital', where he played the role of Kevin O'Connor from 1983-1993. Bernhardt's character, who replaced then-popular daytime actor Jack Wagner, became the center of attention in the 'Laurelton Murders' storyline, which led the daytime ratings for two years. Although Kevin prefers screenwriting, he has continued to dabble in acting, appearing in films such as 'Beauty School' (1993), 'The Immortals' (1995), and the short 'Driving Tinseltown' (2013). The list of his writing credits is much more extensive, with Kevin having penned nearly thirty feature-films, including 'Five Aces' (1999) starring Charlie Sheen, 'Peaceful Warrior' (2006) starring Nick Nolte, and most recently, 'Number One Son' (2012). He has also helped re-write and/or polish existing scripts for films, most notably 'The Art Of War' (2000) with Wesley Snipes and 'Rambo' (2008) with Sylvester Stallone. Bernhardt completed a Bachelor's Degree in Economics in the winter of 1984 from the NY State University of Binghamton and previously worked as a securities trader for Robert Brandt and Company. But since his true passion was the theater, after six months successfully trading stocks between institutional investors, Bernhardt left it behind for a career in Hollywood.

Paula Marshall
Paula Marshall, who played Terri in 'Hell On Earth', went on to a career primarily on the small screen. From 1994-2002, Paula appeared in six different TV shows that were all canceled in less than one season: 'Wild Oats' (1994), 'Chicago Sons' (1997), 'Cupid' (1998), 'Snoops' (1999), 'The Weber Show' (2000), and 'Hidden Hills' (2002). She broke that "curse" by starring in the TV series 'Gary Unmarried' (2008-2010) for two full seasons. Her other regular TV roles included 'Just Shoot Me' (2002), 'Veronica Mars' (2004-2006), 'Nip/Tuck' (2007-2008), and 'Friends With Benefits' (2011). Other screen credits for Paula include 'Warlock: The Armageddon' (1993), 'Thursday' (1998), 'Cheaper By The Dozen' (2003) and 'I Know Who Killed Me' (2007), with Lindsay Lohan. Most recently, she has guest starred on criminal dramas 'CSI' (2012), 'Two And A Half Men' (2013), and began a recurring role on 'Murder In The First' (2014). She is the sister of Robert G. "Bob" Marshall, a Republican member of the Virginia House of Delegates.

Ken Carpenter
Ken Carpenter, who played Doc/Camerahead in 'Hell On Earth', went on to create 'Starlight 7000', a company that would facilitate the production of more movies and television in Big Bear Lake, located in the San Bernardino mountains 7000 feet above Los Angeles. Along with his partner Michael Copley, Starlight 7000 has focused on moderate budget production and include a variety of genres from family orientated to comedy, horror to suspense. Recent changes in technology has broadened the focus outside of Big Bear and include potential revenues streams earned on the Internet. This developmental strategy will enable Ken and Mike to work with a variety of people in the entertainment industry. Most recently, Starlight 7000 has been developing a plan to acquire second-run movie theaters to convert into family entertainment facilities. Ken's most recent credits include 'Lost In Africa' (1994), 'Tammy And The T-Rex' (1994), and the short 'Terror At Big Bear Lake: Thrillogy' (2011).

Brent Bolthouse
Brent Bolthouse, who played CD the DJ in 'Hell On Earth', has resumed his role in Bolthouse Productions, a club promotions company in Los Angeles. In addition to operating several clubs, Bolthouse also has partnered in several hotels, including most recently, the SLS Beverly Hills. Upcoming projects include the in-development Sahara Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, and a joint venture with Wolfgang Puck, where they are offering upscale catering by the famed chef. On the big screen, Brent, who previously worked with director Anthony Hickox in 'Waxwork II: Lost In Time' (1992), teamed up with him once again in 1993's 'Warlock: The Armageddon', which also featured fellow 'Hell On Earth' actor Paula Marshall. He also appeared in 'The Immortals', which co-starred Tia Carrere and was penned by 'Hell On Earth' alum Kevin Bernhardt. In 2008, Bolthouse began co-hosting a weekly radio show “Feel My Heat” on Indie 103.1 with Danny Masterson ('That 70's Show'). The show has been rated by Rolling Stone as number one in the Indie category. In his spare time, Bolthouse (surprisingly) is a DJ. His DJ credits include the 'Nylon Hot Hollywood Party', 'Sundance 2009', 'The Ray-Ban Awards' and 'Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show After-Party'. He also appeared as a DJ in Jessica Simpson's video "A Public Affair". Most recently, he's appeared on the small screen, making several guest spots on 'Entourage' (2007 and 2010), 'The Hills' (2008), and 'L.A. Ink'. (2010).

Peter Atkins
Writer Peter Atkins, who played the role of Rick The Barman/Barbie Cenobite, was born in Liverpool, England, and a founding member of 'The Dog Company', a 1970s avant-garde theatre group, along with Clive Barker and Doug Bradley. Atkins - with whom he would later work on the Hellraiser movies. After helping Clive Barker with the screenplay for 'Hellbound', Atkins became a Cenobite himself in the third film, 'Hell On Earth', which he also wrote. Atkins finished up his work on the franchise after penning the screenplay for 'Hellraiser: Bloodline' (1996). As well as his movie and TV work, he is perhaps best known as writer of the 'Wishmaster' horror film (1997) that spawned a series, as well as the novels 'Morningstar' (1992) and 'Big Thunder' (1997). Most recently, Peter has appeared in 'Her Morbid Desires' (2008), 'Crustacean' (2009) and the TV movie 'Tugger The Ship' (2014). He currently continues to write and lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Dana Middleton.

Ashley Laurence
Ashley Laurence, who played the innocent role of Kirsty Cotton in 'Hellraiser', returned to appear in three other 'Hellraiser' films- 'Hellbound: Hellraiser II' (1988), 'Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth' (1992), and 'Hellraiser: Hellseeker' (2002). In addition, she has also starred in 'The Lurking Fear' (1994), based on the H.P. Lovecraft story, 'Warlock III: The End Of Innocence' (1999), 'Lightning Bug' (2004), and 'Red' (2008). Ashley also appeared in a short film for the band Slipknot for their song 'Snuff', which was released in December 2009. Though most of her work has been in film, Laurence has also appeared in episodes of television series such as 'Suddenly Susan' (1997), 'Beverly Hills, 90210' (1999) 'ER' (2004). She's been featured in national television commercials for Geico as well as having been the sexy Coors Light 'Beerman' in one of the company's national ad campaigns. Ashley has gone on to achieve a cult status among fans who enjoyed her early work in the 'Hellraiser' films, and was featured in the 2004 E! True Hollywood Story episodes, 'Scream Queens' and 'The 100 Greatest Scary Moments'. She is a regular on the convention circuit, and is always eager to meet with her fans and discuss the genre.

Clive Barker
Multi-talented artist, writer, and director Clive Barker is well known for his work in contemporary horror and fantasy. His earliest works were aptly titled the 'Books Of Blood', and included a quote from Stephen King on the cover that read, "I have the seen the future of horror, his name is Clive Barker." In the 1980s and 1990s, Clive moved toward modern-day fantasy and urban fantasy with horror elements in 'Weaveworld' (1987), 'The Great And Secret Show' (1989), the world-spanning 'Imajica' (1991), and 'Sacrament' (1996), bringing in the deeper, richer concepts of reality, the nature of the mind and dreams, and the power of words and memories. Barker's distinctive style is characterized by the notion of hidden fantastical worlds coexisting with our own, the role of sexuality in the supernatural, and the construction of coherent, complex and detailed universes. He likes to refer to this style as dark fantasy or the fantastique. His stories are notable for a deliberate blurring of the distinction between binary opposites such as heaven and hell, or pleasure and pain (the latter particularly so in 'The Hellbound Heart', arguably his most famous work). The films 'Hellraiser' and 'Hellbound: Hellraiser II' were based on source material from 'The Hellbound Heart', and earned a total of $26.7 million at the box office, and spawned a whole new franchise that has spanned nine films to date, with a tenth remake rumored to be on the way. He got out of production of the films after the fourth, but is properly credited in the rest. Other film adaptations of his work include 'Night Breed' (1990), 'Candyman' (1992), 'Lord Of Illusions' (1995), 'The Midnight Meat Train' (2008), and 'Dread' (2009). Barker has also published many incarnations of his work in the comic medium, working with companies like Dark Horse Comics, IDW, and Boom Studios along the way. Clive is currently in high-demand on the horror convention circuit, and makes frequent appearances when his health and time permit, often alongside many of the cast and crew he has worked with over the years. Barker is also actively involved in the best-selling 'Abarat' series, and plans on producing two more novels in the series.

Armored Saint
Heavy metal band The Armored Saint, who played the Boiler Room in 'Hell On Earth', recently started working on new material following a long hiatus. In 2010, they released 'La Raza', their first album in nine years, to a positive reception. The album's title was derived from mankind's "race" for space (expanding control over land) and resources (energy and food), with reference to the dwindling amount of both that remains. The song "Loose Cannon" critically describes the typical behavior of a reckless driver, and "Left Hook From Right Field" takes aim at rejecting a Christian ministry's efforts to convert the non-believer. The band toured on the album, and as of 2013, were back in the studio working on a new album. Current members include John Bush on vocals, Gonzo Sandoval on drums, Joey Vera on bass, and Phil Sandoval and Jeff Duncan on guitar. Armored Saint, in conjunction with Metal Blade Records' 20th anniversary, released a 3-disc special edition of their album 'Symbol of Salvation' in 2003, as well as a re-issue of the band's long out of print live video, 'A Trip Thru Red Times'.

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