Christopher Young- The Hellraiser Theme
Christopher Young- Resurrection
Christopher Young- The Cenobites
Christopher Young- Uncle Frank
Christopher Young- Another Puzzle
Christopher Young- Hellbound
Christopher Young- Skin Her Alive
Christopher Young- Stringing The Puppet
Christopher Young- Leviathan
Christopher Young- Sketch With Fire
Randy Miller- Hell On Earth
Randy Miller- Cenobites' Death Danse
Randy Miller- Gothic Rebirth
Randy Miller- Mind Invasion
Randy Miller- Shall We Begin
Ten Inch Men- Go With Me
KMFDM- Ooh La La
Triumph- Troublemaker
Tin Machine- Baby Universal
House Of Lords- Down Down Down
Motorhead- Hell On Earth
Chainsaw Kittens- Waltzing With A Jaguar
Walter Werzowa- Main Theme
Mod 1 feat. Lisbeth Scott- From Eden
Steve Edwards- Main Theme
Steve Edwards- End Theme
Steve Edwards- Hands Of Terror
Henning Lohner- Main Theme
Henning Lohner- End Theme
Lars Anderson- Main Theme
Lars Anderson- End Theme
BossHouse- Look Who's Standing Tall
Sons Of Poseidon- 1 Man
Unida- You Wish
Noise Therapy- Yesterday
Sonicanimation- I Funk Therefore I Am
Jettared- Unsaid
Stephen Phillips- Tarantula
Frederik Wiedmann- Main Theme
Deron Johnson- Main Theme
Deron Johnson- Raising The Dead


Coil- The Hellraiser Theme
Coil- The Hellbound Heart
Coil- The Box Theme
Coil- No New World
Coil- Attack Of The Sennapods
Coil- Main Title


Christopher Young- Hellraiser Theme
Christopher Young- Resurrection
Christopher Young- Main Title
Christopher Young- Suite
Motorhead- Hellraiser
Material Issue- What Girls Want
Electric Love Hogs- I Feel Like Steve
The Soup Dragons- Divine Thing
Bill Monroe- Drifting Too Far From The Shore
BossHouse- It Ends
BossHouse- Break Off Your Wings
Celldweller- Stay With Me (Unlikely)
Celldweller- Frozen
Barrie Gledden- Metal Matrix
Beethoven- Fur Elise


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