Nine years after the events of 'Seed Of Chucky', the killer doll (voiced by the irreplaceable Brad Dourif), mysteriously arrives in the mail at the home of Sarah Pierce (Chantal Quesnelle) and her paraplegic daughter Nica (Fiona Dourif). Thinking it was sent by mistake, they decide to ignore it. However, later that night, Sarah is found dead from a stab wound, but her death is ruled a suicide. Not long after, Nica is visited by her older sister Barb, along with her husband Ian, daughter Alice and live-in nanny Jill. During their stay, Alice befriends Chucky, and since everyone thinks he's an old doll from the 80s, is allowed to keep him. Barb tries to convince Nica to move into an assisted living facility and enlists the help of her priest, Father Frank. Ever defiant, Nica insists she can take care of herself despite her disability and does not want to sell her home. That night, Chucky strikes, poisoning a bowl of their family chili, and Father Frank, who ate it, ends up dead in a car accident. From there, all the secrets of the Pierce family are revealed as Nica finally discovers the motive behind her mysterious package. Would she survive, or would Chucky emerge victorious in this battle to the death?

Matt: Coming off of the last two efforts, I was beginning to wonder whether they could truly make Chucky scary again. Well, 'Curse Of Chucky' was just what the doctor ordered. It was a breath of fresh air that this franchise so desperately needed. This film attempts to right a lot of the wrongs done in past 'Chuckys', and nearly succeeds in bringing the entire franchise together. Don Mancini finally got it right, and Chucky was scary for the first time in a very long time. His jokes were still there, but they were more sarcastic than funny, which is just how it should be. It is obvious the producers took their time with this film and found a way to make a solid film despite a limited budget. Sure, there were plot holes, including the whole kidnapping and sunflower deal with Sarah that supposedly took place prior to the events of the first film, but it was at least believable to have occurred in the Chucky-verse, unlike its god-awful predecessor. The acting performances were top-notch, particularly Fiona Dourif in the lead role, and the kills were expertly done (and didn't skimp on the gore). Joseph LoDuca's musical score was a nice throwback to Joe Renzetti's from the original film and really added to the overall creepiness of the house. The cameos were a nice touch, too, and left me wanting more. Kudos! This definitely should have been in theaters. 9 out of 10.

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