One month after Chucky's carnival demise, Tiffany Valentine (Jennifer Tilly), a former girlfriend of serial killer Charles Lee Ray, steals Chucky's remains from the local police storage compound. Convinced his soul still inhabits the doll, Tiffany stitches him back together and resurrects Chucky using the same voodoo ritual that instilled him in the doll ten years prior. Ecstatic, Tiffany and Chucky catch up, with Tiffany believing Chucky wanted to marry her. However, after learning that Chucky had no intention of getting hitched, an enraged Tiffany locks Chucky up in a playpen and repeatedly mocks him, even giving him a female doll in a wedding dress as a "gift". Chucky, out of his mind, later escapes and kills Tiffany, but not before transferring her soul into the female doll, cursing Tiffany to the life of plastic he's lived for over a decade. Resigned to her misery, Tiffany decides to join forces with Chucky as they attempt to inhabit the souls of star-crossed lovers Jesse (Nick Stabile) and Jade (Katherine Heigl), who are fleeing misery of their own-- Jade's over-protective police chief uncle (John Ritter). Who would win this cross-country battle of wits in this new age vision of horror?

Matt: 'Bride Of Chucky' was tough to rate. I think it was pretty obvious throughout that the producers never really could decide what film they were trying to make. At times, it seemed like a serious horror film, but just when you get comfortable with that, it does a 180 and turns into a comedy. Then back to horror, then back to comedy, etc. It was a bad sign of things to come unfortunately. I think there was a lot of potential for this film, and would have been much creepier if Tiffany had stayed in her human form while trying to help Chucky. But, as it is, I found the film entertaining, with some nice horror tributes (both old and new) and classic one-liners, which became the hallmarks of the 'Child's Play' films. The soundtrack was pretty awesome too, definitely a much-needed upgrade from the boring, run of the mill music from the past films. Still, despite that, this film did not deliver and was just not that scary, which was probably a product of its era (the late 1990s- early 2000s), where horror became a joke. 5 out of 10.

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