After suffering defeat at the hands of his young nemesis Andy Barclay, Chucky is again re-made by the Play Pals toy company, ever determined to make the Good Guy doll a success. Unfortunately, this time he targets the company directly, and puts them into bankruptcy-- permanently. Getting back on his quest after several years, Chucky locates Andy at a nearby military school and resumes his quest to steal his body and return to human form. However, once there, he finds a mature, teen-aged Andy, destined to take out his arch rival once and for all. Not counting on Andy's determination, Chucky switches gears and targets another naive youngster, Tyler, who thinks Chucky is his new best friend. With the camp's war games on the horizon, who will survive the massacre as Chucky decides to play a few games of his own?

Matt: After a moderately successful sequel, there was no doubt that Chucky hadn't seen his last days, and it proved true a year later when 'Child's Play 3' came out. Watching the trailer, I found it hard to believe that a doll could terrorize a now-teenaged Andy Barclay and an entire camp full of military trainees, but the producers somehow pulled it off with semi-believability. Chucky, still trying to haunt Andy and steal his body, unsuspectingly finds another naive youngster (Tyler) and turns his attention to him instead. All hell breaks loose as no one will believe Andy's tale of a "killer doll", especially given his past. I found the Chucky animatronics to be very well done, and Brad Dourif pulls off the voice of the role flawlessly. The rest of the acting is half-decent, with Andrew Robinson (of 'Hellraiser' fame) nearly stealing the show in his supporting role of Sgt. Botnick. The musical score was passable but cliche. A throwback to Joe Renzetti's creepy tunes from the original would have been nice, but it's a few more sequels until we see that. The kills were well done for the most part as well, although only three came directly by Chucky's hands. He did, however, get the last laugh on the Play Pals toy company, so perhaps that's the silver lining to the entire thing. 6 out of 10.

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