Joe Renzetti- Maggie Gets It
Joe Renzetti- Chucky Goes To Pieces
Joe Renzetti- News Cast
Simon Stokes- The Chucky Song
D.B. Night- I'm Hanging
African Suite- Grass
Mike Piccirillo- Good Guy Commercial #1
Mike Piccirillo- Good Guy Commercial #2
Graeme Revell- Main Titles
Graeme Revell- Friends To The End
Graeme Revell- Losing Soul
Graeme Revell- Miss Kettlewell
Graeme Revell- Under The Swing
Graeme Revell- At The Factory
Graeme Revell- Duck!
Graeme Revell- End Titles
John D'Andrea & Cory Lerios- Main Titles
John D'Andrea & Cory Lerios- Hide And Seek Tyler
John D'Andrea & Cory Lerios- Presto! You're Dead!
John D'Andrea & Cory Lerios- Chucky Interferes With The Ammo
Peter Vanderlohren- Calliope #1
Peter Vanderlohren- Calliope #2
Graeme Revell- Stealing Evidence/Hello Dolly
Graeme Revell- The Little Death/Reunited
Graeme Revell- A Most Shocking Revelation
Graeme Revell- Twisted Proposal/Plastic Love
Graeme Revell- Finale
Graeme Revell- We Belong Dead
Pino Donaggio- Main Title
Pino Donaggio- Our Jennifer
Pino Donaggio- Konichiwa
Pino Donaggio- Joan Gets Fired
Pino Donaggio- Chucky's Destiny
Fredwreck And Defari- Cut It Up
Full Blown Rose- One Way Or Another
Rick Rhodes And Susan Fink- Carol Of The Bells
Joseph LoDuca- Main Title
Joseph LoDuca- Special Delivery
Joseph LoDuca- Screams In The Night
Joseph LoDuca- The Curse
Joseph LoDuca- Slo-Mo Escape
Joseph LoDuca- Cult Of Chucky Main Title
Joseph LoDuca- Miss Valentine
Joseph LoDuca- Spoken For
Joseph LoDuca- Hypnosis
Joseph LoDuca- He Always Comes Back


Joe Renzetti- Opening Chase
Joe Renzetti- Goodbye Chucky
Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies- Boogie King
White Zombie- Thunder Kiss '65
Coal Chamber- Blisters
Monster Magnet- See You In Hell
Judas Priest- Blood Stained
Type O Negative- Love You To Death
Slayer- Human Disease
Stabbing Westward- So Wrong
Powerman 5000- The Son Of X-51
Bruce Dickinson- Trumpets of Jericho
Static-X- Bled For Days
Motorhead- Love For Sale
Kidneythieves- Crazy
Rob Zombie- Living Dead Girl
Blondie- Call Me
Willie Nelson- Crazy
Blondie- One Way Or Another



1. Main Title (Chucky Theme)
2. Special Delivery
3. Screams In The Night / Quite Enough Pity
4. Kitchen Prep / Round Table
5. Too Much Oregano
6. Suddenly Seeking Chucky
7. Up Elevator / Coming / Can't Feel A Thing
8. Only A Storm / You Should Be
9. Unsolved
10. No Time For Games
11. Sunflowers In The Attic
12. The Curse
13. Slo-Mo Escape
14. Silenced
15. Some Assembly Required / The Haunted
16. Fiend Of The Family / Last One Standing
17. Framed
18. Under His Spell
19. Curse Of Chucky End Titles

Joseph LoDuca- Cult Of Chucky Soundtrack Album

1. Andy's Cabin
2. Cult Of Chucky Main Title
3. Electroshock
4. Hard Truths
5. Carlos
6. Baby Is Dead
7. Miss Valentine
8. Spoken For
9. The Morning After
10. Proof
11. Love Bite
12. Compressed
13. Hypnosis
14. Alice
15. Kind Of A Blur
16. S'mother Madeline
17. He Always Comes Back
18. Come To Mommy
19. Bad Day Doc
20. The Crazy Ones
21. The Three Chuckies
22. Bra Love
23. The Red Shoes
24. Thinking Is For Losers


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