Total Number Dead: 65


1. Charles (Brad Dourif)- Shot to death by Detective Norris
2. Maggie (Dinha Manoff)- Hammer to face, falls to death out apartment window
3. Eddie (Neil Giuntoli)- Immolated in gas explosion
4. John (Raymond Oliver)- Leg and arm broken, stabbed in chest via voodoo doll
5. Dr. Ardmore (Jack Colvin)- Scalpel to leg, electrocuted to death on electro-shock therapy machine

CHILD'S PLAY 2 (1990)

6. Technician #1 (Don Pugsley)- Electrocuted to death
7. Mattson (Greg Germann)- Suffocated with plastic bag
8. Miss Kettlewell (Beth Grant)- Basketball pump to stomach, beat to death with yard stick
9. Phil (Gerrit Graham)- Tripped by Chucky, falls down basement stairs and breaks neck
10. Joanne (Jenny Agutter)- Strangled to death offscreen
11. Grace (Grace Zabriskie)- Knifed to death in chest
12. Technician #2 (Vince Melocchi)- Throat slashed with knife, eyes impaled on doll-making machine

CHILD'S PLAY 3 (1991)

13. Mr. Sullivan (Peter Haskell)- Hit in head with golf club, dart in back and head, strangled to death with yo-yo
14. Garbage Man (Terry Wills)- Crushed to death in back of garbage truck
15. Colonel Cochrane (Dakin Matthews)- Has heart attack, falls dead through glass case
16. Sergeant Botnick (Andrew Robinson)- Throat slashed with straight razor
17. Lt. Col. Shelton (Travis Fine)- Accidentally shot with live round by Epstein
18. Whitehurst (Dean Jacobson)- Immolated by exploding grenade
19. Security Guard (Michael Chieffo)- Shot in head offscreen


20. Vivian Van Pelt (uncredited)- Killed by Chucky prior to events of the film
21. Officer Bailey (Vincent Corazza)- Throat slit with nail file
22. Damien (Alexis Arquette)- Lip piercing ripped out, smothered with pillow
23. Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly)- Electrocuted to death in bathtub
24. Chief Kincaid (John Ritter)- Nails to face, later revives and is knifed to death
25. Officer Norton (Michael Johnson)- Immolated in exploding police car
26. Diane (Janet Kidder)- Impaled to death by falling glass mirror shards
27. Russ (James Gallanders)- Impaled to death by falling glass mirror shards
28. David (Gordon Michael Woolvett)- Hit by speeding truck on highway
29. Husband (uncredited)- and-
30. Wife (uncredited)- Shot in head offscreen, burned to death in RV explosion
31. Coroner (uncredited)- Shot in head


32. Tiffany's Mother (uncredited)- Killed by Chucky twenty years prior
33. Claudia's Dad (Simon James Morgan)- Knifed in chest, falls to his death over balcony
34. Claudia's Mom (Stephanie Chambers)- Falls out of shower, cracks head on ceramic floor
35. Santa Claus (Jason Flemyng)- Strangled with slinky, stabbed to death in horror film
36. Tony Gardner (Himself)- Beheaded with wire
37. Britney (Nadia Dina Ariqat)- Ran off road, immolated in car explosion
38. Pete (John Waters)- Face melted with sulfuric acid
39. Redman (Himself)- Disemboweled with knife
40. Joan (Hannah Spearritt)- Burned to death, falls to her death over balcony
41. Mailman (uncredited)- Macheted in head
42. Pizza Guy (uncredited)- Fireplace poker in back
43. Real Estate Woman (uncredited)- and
44. Real Estate Woman's Dog (uncredited)- Suffocated with plastic bag
45. Stan (Steve Lawton)- Knifed in chest
46. Fulvia (Rebecca Santos)- Beat to death with Tiffany doll


47. Nica's Dad (Kyle Nobess)- Drowned by Chucky prior to events of the film
48. Sarah (Chantal Quesnelle)- Stabbed in the stomach with scissors, later found dead by Nica
49. Father Frank (A Martinez)- Poisoned by Chucky, later beheaded in car accident
50. Motorist #1 (uncredited)- and
51. Motorist #2 (uncredited)- Killed in car accident with Father Frank
52. Jill (Maitland McConnell)- Electrocuted to death
53. Barb (Danielle Bisutti)- Eye popped out with knife
54. Ian (Brennan Elliott)- Jaw split open with an ax
55. Officer Stanton (Adam Hurtig)- Throat slit with nail file


56. Joshua (uncredited)- Suffocated with pillow by Madeleine in events prior to the film
57. Alice (Summer H. Howell)- Possessed by Chucky and killed in events prior to the film
58. Angela (Marina Stephenson Kerr)- Found with her wrists slit by wheelchair spoke
59. Claire (Grace Lynn Kung)- Bit by Chucky, beheaded by falling shards of glass
60. Madeleine (Elisabeth Rosen)- Tongue ripped out, Chucky's arm rammed into throat
61. Nurse Carlos (Zak Santiago)- Scalpel in leg, power drill through chest, stabbed to death, cut open with broken bottle
62. Asylum Guard (Darren Wall)- Throat slit with nail file
63. Dr. Foley (Michael Therriault)- Bottle broken over back of head, which is later stomped in repeatedly
64. Nurse Ashley (Ali Tataryn)- Power drill through chest
65. Malcolm (Adam Hurtig)- Power drill through back of head and out eye


*At the end of 'Bride Of Chucky', Chucky and Tiffany's newborn
attacked Lt. Preston (Lawrence Dane), but it is unknown whether he survived.

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